03 June, 2007

Presents and prints!

A few days ago I was visited yet again by those creatures of the fairy world: the black crow delivery service!!!!

They brought me a sapphire treasure from far away made by a very talented young jewelery designer: Toby of Natural Attril!!

It is truly gorgeous and I love it: A huge thank you to Penny and Toby for their lovely gift!!!

In other news I have been busy with my Etsy shop!! I have been trying to find a new (and more interesting way) of packaging my prints...So I have designed a special folder for them to be delivered and kept in:

I've also started a new blog in which I hope to slowly add the stories behind the illustrations: http://lilymoonhome.blogspot.com/

Etsy has been a lot of work, but I have really been enjoying creating prints for the shop!!




natural attrill said...

Hello Maya,
I am glad you like the bracelet, great to imagine a piece of Toby's jewellery so far away from us in Cyprus!
I have put a pic of it on our blog, with a link to your etsy shop.

lilymoon said...

Thanks Penny :O)
I absolutely love it - it reminds me of the colours of the sea!


tlc illustration said...

It is beautiful! I was commenting on Natural Attrill how much I liked the square buttons as part of the whole 'composition'.

Your Etsy prints are lovely.

Catherine said...

What a beautiful bracelet. I do love Toby's designs, and I envy his ability at such a young age.

Those folders for prints are wonderful too! So professional and clean-looking. :)

Ines said...