13 June, 2007

It's here!! The SOSF tea party event!!

The lovely and talented Tara is admin of this new SOSF event (she made this incredibly gorgeous invitation and thought of this genius theme)!
"This event's theme is "Handmade card, favorite tea and a treat"! (One of each.) To keep mailing costs low, be creative with light-weight, flattish items that you personally enjoy and will fit into a small, padded envelope. For example- a couple of packets of your favorite tea, with your great-aunt Tursell's recipe for scones or petit-fours tucked into a beautiful, handmade card in which you write your own tea rituals to share with your recipient. Add a wrapped piece of gourmet chocolate or biscotti, or something non-edible, but tea-themed as a *treat* and you will be set! This is just one possibility - use your creativity and love of sharing tea with friends."

For more information visit the SOSF blog!!

This in not an event to be missed!!



natural attrill said...

We didnt do the sosf event this time, but i am looking forward to seeing what you all give and get on your blogs.
Your etsy shop is looking good Maya, and successful by the look of it, well done!

lilymoon said...

Thanks Penny :O) - I am really looking forward to making my package for ths event!!!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank you for my package. It is so neat!! I really like the paper garden, how creative!! It was so nice to come home to from my trip. It was hard to come home after visiting with my daughter, son-in-law, and my granddaughters. Thank you again!

clare said...

Hi Maya

The SSoSF's always looks such fun, and I'd love to join in one day.

I've just tagged you to tell us 8 random things about yourself - see my blog for full details


Anil P said...

Lovely design indeed.