16 May, 2007

My Etsy shop (and it's mini version)

I've just about (nearly) set up my new-ish Etsy shop and as you may have noticed to the right of my blog you can see a mini Etsy... The name of the shop is Lilymoon ( I've always had a soft spot for lilies and the moon and I have endless midnight conversations so the name just felt most approriate lol )...

Its still in its early stages, but I am working on some mew (new even?) prints to add to it and some new Paper Gardens ( I'll write more about this project soon- promise)...



Chris.P said...

Good luck with your shop Maya. You create such evocative images:¬)

natural attrill said...

Your work is just SO lovely, I especially like the little cages on pink. I hope your new Etsy shop goes well, and you sell lots!

Catherine said...

Hurrah, you're back in the etsy-verse! I wish I could draw cages.
The paper gardens are delightful. Are they pocket-sized (portable) ?

Maya said...

Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement guys :) Sending a big grateful hug your way!!
I was feeling kind of rusty creative wise, but the Etsy shop helped me get motivated again!
Cat- yup it is pocket size- a garden you can carry anywhere :)

lots of love,