27 April, 2007

The other day...

I was on my veranda taking a brief break from my drawing (and as usual having a silly look on my face) :

...when suddenly wooooooosh.....
a tornado of black feathers and strong wind gave me a new (and scary) hairstyle !!
I turned around and expected to see those funny beings, aka Black Crow Fairy Gift Messengers...But nope...they had vanished in a blink of the eye - It seems after seeing their business going so well they put their beaks together and decided to create an express service to save time!
On the table of my humble veranda were two lovely gifts from friends far far away:
A fantastic selection of music from the kind and talented David:

...and a beautiful package of goodies, with a book featuring her incredible work translated into greek from the lovely and talented Gretel:

Thank you both so very very much! :)



p.s. apologies for the small photos- I am having a bad flickr day :(


natural attrill said...

Maya, thats awful, did the birds really take out your hair?
How lovely to have one of Gretels books in Greek, I am trying to read the title, prigkipis... does it sound somthing like that? I did ancient Greek at school, may years ago!
Thank you SO much for gift you sent for Toby's jewellery, you are very kind.

natural attrill said...

Oh how silly of me, I have just looked at the pics and read again, sorry...

PG said...

Featuring a tiny amount of my work, that should have read! What a great supply of music from Mr Dean! You know, you are one of the few people who actually look almost exactly as I imagined you before I saw a picture. And yes, that is a good thing.

tlc illustration said...

Hi Maya! I just got back from my Italian adventure - which was almost too fabulous for words. I thought of you whilst in Bolognia. Beautiful city. Huge conference - LOTS of art (although much of it was a bit too 'edgy' for my tastes. I much prefer yours).

Hope you are ALL better and happily producing your delightful paintings (love all your bird pieces of late).

Maybe we will have another chance for an in-person meet in the future...