22 April, 2007

Random pix of:

april 22 2007 001

1>...Little table next to my chair where I keep my colours and a sample of the book layout I have been working on.

april 22 2007 014

2> ...The view beneath my window

april 22 2007 003
3>...Some of my favourite bits of jewelery: Rhinestone hairpin, Hummingbird earrings, 1940's Guilloche locket, a ring I bought in Prague years ago (the stone is apparently a piece of meteorite)...and below my favourite of all, a silver birdcage:

april 22 2007 005



PG said...

Oh my God, that birdcage is divine! I love seeing where other people work, you keep your workspace very tidy, I do approve! I had a sudden hankering for Greece looking at those trees...hot sage bush and sea spray...olive oil and bread. I need a holiday!

natural attrill said...

Hello Maya,
I love your little book with the birds.
Are those Daler Rowney gouache? I usually use W&N designers gouache but couldnt get white, so bought a rowney instead, I found it really chalky, difficult to use it seemed to dry too quickly,I guess it's what ones used to.
I like the rhinestone pin and the little bird earrings.
Nice to see you blogging more again!