03 March, 2007

is this thing working?

I haven't been able to access my blog since my switching to the new blogger and it has been an absolute pain! Just tried it again and now it seems to be working (hoorah!!) so fingers crossed from now on I will be able to blog again- hehe!

So much has happened to me in the past months- mainly bad things but now I hope that all will be alright. I am not going to write about it though as I just want to leave it behind me and start fresh- It is spring after all :)

Good news no 1: Next month I am planning to visit the Bologna Book Fair and I am really excited about it! Among other work I am trying to finish my book proposal which I plan to take with me and which I will try to persuade a book publisher is the best thing since greek coffee and biscuits (Lol!)...

Good news no 2: I have been loving my new moleskine I bought...I had been dissappointed with the old one as the heavy paper in it couldn't be used for watercolour or gouache- so I thought Id give the other option a go: the one with normal paper in it! Its absolutely wonderful to use with any medium and I can't get enough of drawing it!

Good news no 3: My best friend is back from her vaccation and I can enjoy her lovely company again- I missed her a lot! She and I will be going to Bologna together and so now that she is back we can plan all the details for the journey!

Good news no 4: There is a lunar eclipse tonight!! I'm dreaming of spending the night on the roof in a comfortable chair watching the moon change colours!

(its been a whole 15 minutes and no internet error appearing on page! Phew!! Seems things are starting to get back to normal :)



lorna said...

so good to see you back in blog land Maya.
Lots of love

weirdbunny said...

Good to have you back!

Maya said...

Ah my lovely ladies thank you for the welcome back! Its good to be here again! :)


clare said...

Hello Maya :o)

Nice to hear your good news

Cathy said...

Maya! Lovely to see you blogging again - I'll make sure I keep up.

All the best for Bologna!

tlc illustration said...

It's so good to see you on here again Maya! I wish all good, happy and healthy things for you.

Hey - I may be at Bologna as well (for a day?). When you figure out your schedule you should email me and let's see if they overlap. How cool would it be to get together in person?! :-)

Maya said...

What a lovely welcome b :)
Tlc YEAAAAAEEEEE!! It would be fantastic if we could meet up!! If all goes well I hope to be there for atleast 4-5 days so if you are there we can meet! I'll email you with the dates etc when I have booked flight and hotel..!


natural attrill said...

Hi Maya, I often visit here to see if you are blogging, it's great to have you back again!

Gail said...


Maya said...

Thanks Penny and lovely to see you here too Gail :)

PG said...

Welcome back Maya, so good to have you around again. Not that you ever went away, really. :)

Oh I wish I was going to Bologna, imagine if the three admin fairies got to meet in real life!

Maya said...

helloooo Gretel:)
Oooo it would indeed be splendifantastic if we could all meet up in Bologna, hehe! :)
i am confident that will happen one day!!

its so lovely to be back :)