28 October, 2006

Podlings and fairy crows!

I received the lovely package of ms Daisy Lupin yesterday (my sosf autumn partner), delivered by those mischievous fairy creatures, the infamous Fairy Crow messengers!

The package was filled with magical objects:

exotic teas,

Delicate silver hairpins

sweet almond and fairy dust soap,

mystical mayan chocolate,

lovely handmade cards,

a blue handmade pearl bunny (very very rare creatures of the elf world),

diamond earrings (from the mines of middle earth)

and a fairy podling who is and has been sleeping soundly for nearly an eternity and might wake up and turn into a fairy anyday now!

marshmellow wings
and cupcake thank you's
to you
Fairy Lupin!!


tlc illustration said...

Lovely looking (and sounding! I love your descriptors!) package. Hurray for fairies - or crows - or whoever is sending these things. :-)

natural attrill said...

Oh Maya, your present looks wonderful, I hope you enjoy it all.

miss*R said...

I love the quirky gifts that are being sent by the secret faeries. Did I tell you that one was sent to my partner ? well it was and the postie stepped into a faery ring (a no-no) and he was whisked off to faery land.

PG said...

My word, the SOSF is busy ths week, those crows must be flapped off their feet...or whatever! Beautiful parcel. :)

Aaron Paquette said...

I've seen these packages around on a few sites, now...what's the story with them?

CAS said...

What a delightful package to get - it really must have made your day!

clare said...

What a wonderful parcel to receive, Maya!

Naturegirl said...

Oh that ~*fairy dust*~ has been sprinkled here for sure!How wonderful the gift is! My ~*sprinkled parcel*~ has just arrived!Oh I am having fun lavishing in all ~*the glow!*~

Sara Garrard said...

What a great Fairy package fellow fairy firends!

tlc illustration said...

Maya! I miss you! Come back to your blog! I hear you post elsewhere - on boards that I have no time to read - but I do keep checking here. Please come back...

Hope you are well.

Maya said...

I will TLC!!
I promise!! I miss you too...haven't been around blogger for a while but you are never far from my thoughts!!
Im preparing for good things this year (2007), and I will be writing about them soon...

Lots of hugs,