11 March, 2007

Christmas in March - well...almost!

Its been an up and down week...

I'll leave out the down bits and focus on the up - much more interesting ;)

I have been working this week on a christmas card design...It really took up a lot of my time, as I was not happy with the first colour roughs I had made...So I continued making roughs over and over again until I finally felt good about a few...I must say this took a lot more time to do than I am usually used to...I hope it was worth the hours of work...Here it is in person so to speak:

In other news, I still haven't booked a flight or a hotel for Bologna...Grrr...I have to wait a bit to see if I will be able to go due to other problems hanging over my head at the mo...Hopefully by next week everything will be clearer...(crosses fingers, closes eyes, chants "I will be going to Bologna"...lol...

Being positive is key so I am proceeding for the following four weeks to focus on the book proposal and folio work I intend to take with me...I'll be posting some of that work here soon :)

Oooh...I hear my moleskine calling...it always does that when its hungry...




natural attrill said...

Hello Maya,
I hope you sort out your problems and get to the book fair.
Like the artwork for the xmas card, especially the graduating blue colour on the big arched door.

Cathy said...

The card's GORGEOUS, Maya!

Hope all your other things get sorted OK.

lorna said...

Wonderful wonderful wonderful Maya. I love the eccentric angles of the buildings! xxx

PG said...

Only you could present me with a Christmas image which doesn't send me screaming for the door (what with it only being 3 months since the last one!)

If you feed your Moleskine too much it will get a bit pudgy, I hope you exercise it too ;)