14 March, 2007

Triple delight-full surprise!

Nope that isn't the name of a new ice cream flavour but what happened to me on Monday morning when I received the most beautiful surprises delivered by the infamous and wonderful fairy crows :)

I was going about my day as usual and then heard a familiar noise at the window...a tick- tick- yaddle- tick...Three little black birds were sitting on the edge of the window gleaming in the pale spring sunlight...I gently opened the window and they flew straight in .... circling my studio they dropped one by one the parcels they were carrying in to my lap...
First presented were these amazing gifts from the lovely Lorna:

A beauuuuutiful book illustrated by Jane Ray, a bar of mayan gold that you can eat and some refreshing fairy soap to wash away all things bad.... :)

Next surprise to drop in to my lap (my legs were trembling by the weight and the excitement by now...) were these beautiful gifts from the lovely Paula:

Included were secrets of the colour fairies, secrets of the making of Mysterious Rose Madder and Karmic Cobalt Blue, and most precious of all a beautiful illustration painted by the talented artist herself :)

Then came the time for the last crow to drop the package into my lap...but it didn't...Instead it gently let it down onto my desk and nodded in a crow-like-way for me to approach...

"You will never guess who this package is from" it whispered and flew and sat on my shoulder...And he was right...I didn't recognise the writing on the parcel...hmmm....who could it be from?? I quickly opened it to find precious treasures hiding inside:

The magically mystic package included: an angel box, a pearl rose, a book of all things wise, a kettle that brews tea by its own just when you are thinking you need some, a rebellious robin who sings even when life isn't smiling back at you, a serendipitous blue bird box and many more beautiful items...

I would like to say a BIG thank you to Lorna, Paula and my mystical Secret Fairy (whom I still do not know the identity of but am very grateful to and would wish to thank in person one day if they would want it too!!) for making me smile and making me feel so blessed!

maya :)

p.s. The crows are very well and say hi...They are munching on some sugar coated peanuts and tapping their feet happily while I write :)


Tommy-Rocket said...


lovely to see you blogging again!
What a fantastic selection of goodies!


natural attrill said...

How exciting! what wonderful suprises you have, hope you enjoy them all.

Chris.P said...

Hi Maya

Good to see you back.

I like the lookl fof that book. Must check the illustrator out.

Chris.P said...

oops! 'scuse my typo's