06 February, 2006

Moody Monday

It was cloudy most of the day today....even rained a little.
I worked from this morning till tonight on an illustration for the book, that I started yesterday, but still wasn't able to finish it....too many little details.
Tomorrow morning I will be going to the hospital with my mum, so its more likely that I'll get it finished wednesday...a four day illustration...that hasn't happened in a long time. I usually like finishing them the same day I start them....oh dear...this book is going very slow: must remember NOT to panic ...

A month from today it will be Green Monday (when everyone goes on the traditional picnic and eats only vegetables and bread), and the week before that the Carnival begins(where everyone dresses up in silly clothes and gets very drunk, and there is a lot of serenading going on) and then 50 days of fasting till Easter. Lots of festivities ahead, and it seems it was Christmas yesterday...
Spring is near, I've noticed the days seem to be getting longer....Now if I only could stretch the days to 28-29 hours...lol

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tlc illustration said...

Yeah - more hours would be good! How lucky to be *able* to get an illustration done the same day you start it. Unless I'm working on spots, that is rare for me. I get too detailed... Too much noodling?... Something that I'd like to get over.