02 February, 2006

Home again

Back home, after staying with my parents last night. My mum is still feeling a bit dizzy and tired from the whole ordeal, but she insisted I leave...she doesn't like all the fuss. I left a bit sad, as I know she could do with the help...I will visit again in two days time though...she can't keep me away for long.

I returned home to find three lovely surprises:
no.1 : My paintbrushes were in the letterbox! I was very surprised they arrived so soon! I tried a few tonight, and I am loving the sables...so soft and they glide effortlessly on the hotpressed paper...
no.2: I found another little envelope in the letterbox...this time it was my japanese labels I had bought on ebay...very pretty. I almost feel guilty doing anything with them (I was thinking about doing collage cards)...I arranged them symmetricly on my desk and gazed at them for a full ten minutes with a silly grin on my face.
no.3: An email. From the creator or administrator (not sure) of 8 principles of fun....a really great site I visited recently and suscribed to. He wrote that as I was the first from Cyprus to subscribe to his site he would like to send me, if I agreed, the pack of cards with the principles printed on them, as a gift....Ofcourse I replied yes... :)
The site I am referring to is the following: www.eightprinciples.com

My knees feel wobbly and I am yawning a lot....must get to sleep if I am going to wake up early to get back to work!!

sweet-dreams everyone...


fp said...

Hurrah! your brushes arrived, that means mine might be here soon. I am over-excited :)
So pleased your mum is feeling better now, don't forget to give yourself some tlc too

Maya said...

Fp...brushes are great, I am very happy with them! i might even be tempted to buy some more...lol