08 January, 2006

Sunday afternoon doodles

I did indeed take a trip to the mountains this morning and took some 50 photos while I was up there. It was great getting out of the house but I did hurry back to get back to work as I was anxious to finish what I had left yesterday.

I am at the begining of the illustrated book I am working on and although I have a fair idea how its going to be I am doing a lot of "mental doodling" always on the look out for new ways to express an idea.

The little illo on the right is one of the "doodles" that I did quite impulsively, playing around a little with perspective and colour...


lorna said...

Wow Maya- everything you do is so incredibly enchanting. You have a wonderful eye for composition and colour, and I'm really looking forward to buying a copy of your book.

Gail said...

It's lovely Maya, I'm also looking forward to buying a copy of the book - can't wait! ;)

PG said...

Beautiful. And a particularly fine shade of pink ;)
(Do you see what I meant about it's streaking? It doesn't like being put down as a flat wash, but you've used that to advantage here).

Maya said...


I really love using it!

Aaron Paquette said...


You watercolorists...always giving us heavyhanded painters fits of envy over your delicate work!