10 January, 2006

Switching off for the day

Its 8:10pm and I think I have finished work.
I was hoping I could get more done tonight but for some reason I feel knackered.
I hope its not the early signs of the flu....
Working on two large projects at once isn't easy...I am figuring that out the hard way. I am working on one and constantly thinking about the other....but saying that, the good thing about it is they seem to cross-fertilize somehow. I can say one thing for sure: My days are not at all boring. With all the research and experimenting I barely have time to think of anything else.
I came up with a playful idea to make the layout a bit more interesting and am very excited and eager to see if it works. I feel a bit like the mad scientist...hihihihihi.

Best thing for tonight would be a hot bath and then curl up in my pj's on the sofa with a good book.


CAS said...

Filkins wishes you all the best, and says 'thanks' for thinking he is adorable. I loved Sunday's illustration, by the way

Hope you're not developing flu!

Cathy xxxxx

Maya said...

Thanks Cas :)

Give Filkins my warmest thanks for his wishes ;) (and maybe a little kiss on the nose...)