08 January, 2006

its the insomnia doing the talking

I was pleased with the work(painting) I did today for a change and am anxious to get back to it tomorrow night. I think I may head for the mountains in the morning, I need a little fresh air and the scenery is truly beautiful this time of year, so I will be definetely taking my camera.

I had a hard time disciplining my self to get back to my daily routine after the holidays but today I had the feeling everything is returning back to normal...

I'll be locked in my "castle" for the next month writing and painting and thinking of nothing else -hopefully. I'm even thinking of going and buying lots of groceries as not to have to think of shopping.
With painting its not that bad, but with the writing its like I am squeezing my brain until bloodrops form on my forehead (being too graphic?). Everyword counts, has to be weighed, measured, broken into the right shape for it to fit, like a mosaic...colourful, with little bits of mirrors so it can reflect the person reading it and maybe a little of me at times.

Currently I am stuck at a minor love-scene thing, which I have to confess I am crap at describing. Even tried listening to a lot of lovesongs, just to get the feeling I need...which didn't work obviously. Ok...I am talking nonsense so I better say goodnight.

Goodnight :)

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