07 May, 2006

Sunday 7th May

I am sitting on my bed, laptop resting on my tired from cleaning all day, legs, enjoying a large cup of japanese cherry blossom tea and thinking about my day. Its funny how you think of the weirdest things when cleaning....I thought of a new approach to my book illustrating problem..I thought of something some one had said to me and got all upset... then I thought about the things I have to do next week....then I remembered a friend I haven't seen for ages, and wondered what they are up to...The list goes on....I did sing along to a few songs as well, while sweeping the floor...you know...when the broom becomes a microphone and you persuade yourself for a few seconds that you can actually sing...
List of things to do this week: see new client, work on book, go to postoffice, go to doctor's appointment, visit mum and dad, iron as many clothes as I have the energy to, get fridge, pay rent, buy tealights and incense...etc

Today wasn't very exciting...but yesterday was nice. Went shopping with a friend who had her birthday....bought a new dress (I wasn't going to, but she literally made me buy it...lol...she's nice like that)...Its a navy blue one with white flowers....I wore it to her birthday party last night, which was fun...I even "wiggled" my feet around a bit...not too much though...lol

I think I'll go and make myself another cup of tea and read a bit before I go to bed...

Hope you all have a lovely week...

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