04 May, 2006

I was a good girl..

...today, for a change.
Finished writing my promo letters, filed all the contacts I am sending new material to, what material is being sent....etc....So tomorrow or Monday morning I will go to the post office, kiss the cards one by one, and send them on there way....Like messenger doves, hoping they bring me back good news.

Have been working on the book and its driving me up the wall....trying all the ideas I can come up with, and still something isn't quite right. The good thing about it, is that my sketchbook is filling up at a very fast rate....lol...at least I have something to show for my efforts....
I am going to nail this book if its the last thing I do...tsk!

*girlie alert*
In other news, not feeling so hot! I have had these debilitating cramps (yup, the kind that come every month ) and haven't been able to move a lot. I just sit either at my desk or on the bed and draw....tried to go for a walk today because I thought I was feeling a lot better, but halfway home had another "attack" and just stood in the road in agony....good thing was a friend was passing by, spotted me, and gave me a lift home. Grrrr....I want to be a man..... Now please!!! Grumble- grumble!
*girlie alert over*

It's nearly 11pm....I think I'll grab my Focus, my painkillers, a nice cup of mint tea and head for bed....



Gail said...

Well done on the promo letters - get them off in the post soonest - before you have second thoughts (if you're anything like me that is!).

Hope you're feeling better, sometimes being a girl is a right pain (literally!). Take care ;)

tlc illustration said...

Hope you are feeling better by the minute! I'm sure it feels really good to be so constructive - maybe that will counteract any remaining malaise. :-)

Maya said...

Thank you for your wishes Tara and Gail... :)
Im feeling much better...
Hope you are well..