25 April, 2006

Recipe for egg and lemon soup

4-5 glasses of chicken stock
half a cup of rice (long grain preferably)
half a glass of lemon juice
2-3 eggs
salt to taste

1.Boil rice in chicken stock

2.Beat eggs and slowly add the lemon juice while beating

3.Tricky part:
When rice is nearly cooked, take small quantities of stock and add it very slowly to the egg mixture.
Keep beating the eggs while adding the stock.
Continue doing this until atleast half of the stock is in the egg mixture.
After doing that, add the egg mixture immediately but very slowly back to the rest of the stock with the rice and stir while doing this....
This has to be done carefully so that the egg doesn't end up being cooked unevenly and becomes lumpy...There should be no cooked egg whites in the soup!!!

Leave for 5 minutes and serve.

Sprinkle with ground black pepper or ground cinnamon when serving, to enhance the taste!


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tlc illustration said...

Ummm! Cinammon! This sounds fabulous Maya. Thanks for posting.