21 April, 2006


...is the theme of my work for the next few days.
Im working on my book now that I have all my other projects finished. It was hard getting back to it but after a few intitial sketches I am slowely getting back into the mood....lol..

the actual theme I am working on is "falling in love"...It seemed pretty straightforward at first and I thought it would be an easy subject to illustrate...But when I decided that none of the ordinary themes like roses, hearts etc, really inspired me, I realised I had to do a lot more research. So I spent the morning brainstorming, asking friends what they felt when they fell in love, searching the net for quotes and generally trying to get a clear picture of the illustration in my mind.
I am currently trying to decide the colours...Its going to be hard avoiding pinks and reds...as much as I want to avoid the cliches...What is the "colour" of falling in love? hmmm....

Some of the answers I got after asking around, although Im not sure I can put everything in one illustration:

It feels like:

Butterflies in your stomache
Intense headache and hyperventilating
Falling off a very tall building
Everything smells and tastes nice
Being hit on the head
Red balloons following you everywhere
Big grin on your face all the time
Sailing down an angry river
Itchy feet
Being whole
Someone trying to rip your insides out (ouch!!)
Shivers and sweating

and some of the quotes I found on the net:

"People need love even when they don't deserve it."

"Of all forms of caution, caution in love is the most fatal"

"Gravitation can not be held responsible for people falling in love."

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them"

"Love is like pi - natural, irrational, and very important"

Now back to work....break over...!



tlc illustration said...

Interesting research Maya. (some of those people don't sound like they've had very good experiences with falling in love, have they? :-( )

In researching my herbal stuff, I'm always fascinated by the medieval 'recipes' for love-potions and charms. So much of what they thought about (herbally at least)- beyond just staying healthy - was about Love. Marriage. Children. Many of the formulas were simple, but some are hilariously complex. Remind me sometime, and I'll post the 'recipe' using the-dawn-gathered-dew-of-Lady's-Mantle...

Maya said...

Hi Tlc, I'd love to see those recipes...I can feel the inner witch in me awakening! :)

Months back I was researching old paint recipes and you wouldn't believe what some of the people used for their paints...Caput Mortuum Violet, being the most famous I guess...Painting using parts of a corpse...

I think the reason some of the answers weren't really "happy" ones was that the people I asked weren't "in love" at the time...
Maybe I should try wondering the streets and trying to find couples holding hands or kissing, and ask them what they think...or maybe that would be a tad too weird on my part...

See you later...Im off to paint some eggs red!! Its EASTER!!!!!!Yay!

PG said...

Falling 'in love' is a bit traumatic - and once you've got ovet the initial rush and your hormones have calmed down, you're faced with the decision of do you actually like the person or not...bad habits and all.
I much prefer being over that and 'just' loving someone. But then, I'm a Cancerian and I like my safe security; falling in love is so - disturbing.

PG said...

Oh yes, how come it's Easter over at your place, when ours is over?

Maya said...

Hi Gretel ;)
I am not sure why we have different Easters...Something about the Orthodox Church having a different type of calender...I know our Easter is on the first Sunday after the first "Spring Moon"...that's how the date is decided...
I guess the "in love" thing I am trying to illustrate isn't the hormone driven rush and initial excitement...Its the moment (or moments...) that you "find" your soulmate...
(...I still believe in that kind of thing...But what do you expect from a person who continues to write notes to Santa on Christmas...lol)...

PG said...

Hmm, not sure about the soul mate business...but when I think of the love thing, it's probably lying in bed, listening to Andy breath (or snore!) and just being thankful and grateful for the moment and that he is there and safe.

I'm glad it's still Easter in Greece, you'll find out why soon...;)