14 April, 2006

Illustration, Easter and hot water

Just finished the above illustration which was commisioned by a very nice lady as a present for her sister. She had visited me recently and had noticed I was working on a "Seranade" ilustration for another project, she liked the idea and asked if I could do something similar...the other illo was done in gouache but she prefered that I use watercolour for her one...so voila...
I hope she likes it, otherwise its back to the drawing board.

In other news, its the week before easter next week, Η Μεγάλη Εβδομάδα (the Great Week-loose translation)...Easter is the most important of our religious holidays, and I am looking forward to it...I don't really go to church that much, but I do love the services of this week...Especially Good Friday, which is a real event...I will try and take my camera with me and take discretely ofcourse some photos...Hope the priest doesn't notice me and bash me over the head with a cross or something (I saw something similar happen when I was young...the priest evidently was having a bad day).I will be fasting too, so that means no meat, eggs, milk etc...I use to fast for the whole 50 days when I was a teenager, but not anymore...I like fasting the week before easter, as it adds to the spiritual feeling of the week...
Tonight though, I am going to a greek Taverna for dinner...haven't done that in a while, and tomorrow night I will be going dancing...Two nights in a row I will be going out...I am still in shock!!
This morning I went to a friends house to have a decent-non frozen bath...God that felt good....Hot water is sooooo much better than cold when having a bath...If you have hot water at your house, feel very very blessed! Lol!

Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating this weekend!


tlc illustration said...

It's beautiful Maya. I've missed seeing you post your work.

And I'm glad you're getting out! Try to enjoy yourself!

PG said...

What a little gem! Hope you had a good time last night, it's good to get out sometimes; lizards are sweet, but can they dance?

Maya said...

Thank you for your kind words :)

I hope the lady likes it...she wanted a red flower but I made it a little more orange than I should have...oops!

I'll teach nouffi to dance! He might just be the perfect man for me! ;)

Stephen Collins said...

That is a cracker Maya. I love it.