16 April, 2006

a great night out

Just came home from my night out with my friends....and although I wasn't that enthusiastic at first, I must admit I had a fantastic time!
We were going to go dancing, but at the last minute we changed our minds and thought we would go and listen to some live music instead...
It turned out to be the best descision!
The musicians were amazing!
I was in a trance watching them perform....
Although all of them are young (well... my age) they seemed so mature in what they were doing.
I really wish I could have taken a sketch book or something to draw them...
One of them in particular who sang beautifly and more impressively he could play a number of instruments and every time managed to play the music to perfection!
I really need to do this more often...had a lovely time and will definetely be going there again soon!


tlc illustration said...

Maya - I'm so glad! I'm glad you got out and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. It's hard to beat good, live music!

Maya said...

Hi Tlc :)
Music is (after painting of course) the best medicine for the soul I think...I did have a wonderful time and am really looking forward to doing it again soon.

A very big hug from me!!!