16 January, 2006

back to to the drawing board

...woke up at 7 this morning, finished writing by noon and then after a quick trip to the postoffice to get my precious paints !! returned to the dreaded drawing board.
It seems I did need a mini break afterall as everything was going like clockwork today... :)

Lots of ideas and more reference material is needed so I decided to buy another book (the 5th one this week). Its about Iznik pottery, which I think is gorgeous....
You can see an near example of it in the picture...( it isn't the real thing, just a modern iznik-ish type of vase...I will post pics once my book arrives hopefully in a few days time)
The good thing about buying books for reference is that you don't feel so guilty about spending the money as they are meant for "work"... :)


lorna said...

What a gorgeous vase- it would look splendid in a painting.

Maya said...

Maybe you could fill it with your gorgeous flowers...I personally would love to see that ;)

Stephen Collins said...

Hey Maya

Your blog is great! Thanks for looking at mine. I shall put a link to yours up this morning if that's OK with you!

I love the Sunday doodle by the way. Hope the book is going well. Are you at the meet-up tonight?


Maya said...

Hi Stephen :)
Your cartoons nearly made me fall of my chair laughing...great stuff!

I shall link you to my blog too if thats ok...

No won't be able to make it to the meet up Stephen, unfortunately I live faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away at the end of the earth..(well nearly)...so it is imposible...
Hope you all have a brilliant time.. :)

Stephen Collins said...

Hey Mia

Thank you for the link. I've added yours to mine. Blogging's fun isn't it! It's all I can do to make myself get back to work at the moment. I think I'm addicted.

Love your work by the way.

Take care


Stephen Collins said...

oh yes of course - you live in Cyprus. silly of me i knew that. Well, have a good evening whatever you're up to!