12 December, 2005

Sunday night fever

Am feeling very inspired tonight, haven't a clue why...and I have decided to do some writing before I got to bed. (I am not talking about this post btw, but my book).
Before doing so though I thought I'd write a little about my weekend which was great. Friday night I went to a fantastic place where they play live music (mostly rock and alternative) and had a wonderful time. Watching the musicians do there thing and everone having fun, made me feel quite "alive" again. It has been quite a while since I have done something fun and it has given me lots of adrenaline and energy!
Saturday night, I went to the theatre and saw a monologue that was so intense, I thought I'd need to leave the room, as I was in tears. It was about a middle aged woman who had found out her lover was unfaithful and had the title "the black and white tears of love". The actress was incredible, she made you feel like you were experiencing every single feeling that she acted out! I do admire people who can transfer feelings that way. I hope to do that with my paintings and my writing one day...
I took some photos today of my very untidy studio and some of me , as I wanted to change my obviously weird blog avatar. All were a failure but I changed it anyway...lol
I better go off to do some writing before it gets way too late...it is 12:30 am already.


PG said...

You've gone from being upside down to being a blurry mysterious Vermeer-ish lady!

It does help to get out and taste the Real World sometimes...

Got your card this weekend! Thank you so much...it is of course lovely, and has gone on the Very Special Card shelf (not on the 'bit-of-string-across-the-wall-


Maya said...

I can NEVER take a decent photo of myself...lol

I am really happy you like the card and am honored you have put it in the Very Special Card shelf :)
I have already cleared a special place for the "special cards"...not received any yet, but just the thought makes me smile, hehe!!