07 December, 2005

the day after

It was quite an emotional day yesterday but I am feeling better today. Still sad, but just not letting it show. Life and death. Two things that are inevetible. I think that death is something that you have to come to terms with, in order to value life as it should be valued: it is priceless.
Living today for today as much as for tomorrow.
Afterall, today is the only sure thing we have got.

On a lighter note, I had some good news today. A lovely email from a publisher who had received my samples and my card. It was like seeing a light (at last) at the end of the tunnel. That got me all fired up for more mailouts, so I dedicated my day to printing and making yet more little portfolios to send tomorrow afternoon.

Its funny how two things happen: one really sad and one really good, so close together.
I feel a bit overwhelmed.
Life is confusing like that I suppose....


PG said...

Hurrah! (who was it???)Well done!

Mrs nosey ...

Maya said...

It was a from an irish publishing house Gretel.
From his email he emphasized that he really liked my work (and was impressed). No sure job yet, but he led me to the conclusion that there is a fair possibility that he may offer me something in the future when they need to do an illustrated cover.
I hope I am not getting ahead of myself...it is the best response I have got up to now, and I am enjoying the fact it is making me optimistic again...lol

Gail said...

Well done Maya!

Keep us posted ;)

lorna said...

Wooohoooo Maya- it's often things like that, offered to us just when we need them that keep us on track and moving forward. And give us a little nudge ost ay 'yep, you are doing the right thing, keep at it'

Well Done, I hope it turns into a job.

tlc illustration said...

I'm very glad for you! (I'd be surprised if you *didn't* start getting some positive responses to your very lovely work).

It does seem to happen that way - the good with the bad...? Tempers the unpleasant stuff at least. Makes one feel that the universe isn't entirely arbitrary. :-)

Congrats, and good luck!

Maya said...

I do hope it turns into a job too guys...If it doesn't it has done good anyway...I am optimistic again. :)