03 November, 2005

viva la painting!

I am tired, hungry and drained of all energy. Have been working twelve hours straight today with the exeption of a small break for some soup at midday. I did my writing and then sat down in my studio for some much needed painting as I was getting withdrawal symptoms...I needed to smell the combination of gouache and watercolour paper...enough sketching.
I did this small illustration, a visualized version of a scene in the book I am writing (which will not be illustrated). I am struggling with my voice as it is pulling me in every direction but up.
This style does still need a lot of work to evolve but at the moment, I am too tired to think about that. I am just happy that I actually did some painting this afternoon. :)


lorna said...

ooooo... it is so beautiful.

I love the HUGE skirts, and very much like the way that you draw people.

It has certainly cheered me up.



PG said...

you've been a bit quiet, but this is well worth waiting for, I LOVE this!! Can I be your nubmer one fan or do I have to fight off the competition??


Maya said...

Thank you Lorna :)
How is your lovely illustration work going??
I was in a hurry to finsh this to see how it would look, and now I can see all the mistakes :(
I will look for a geisha pic tomorrow...I think it would be interesting to do a geisha in this style.

Maya said...

Oh, gretel!! I Just saw you now....
Thank you.:)
your comments always make me feel so much better...I am still in this confusing state of trying to find my voice..
You are wonderful!
Can we be fans of eachother??
I loved the baloons!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PG said...

Mutual fan club it is! ;)

Gail said...

Wow Maya, that's really lovely - worth the wait! ;)