02 November, 2005

The attack of the Maya

Haven't been posting a lot the past few days because I have been running around doing a million things at once. Working on roughs, writing a lot (the moon thingy) and doing some more stuff for the Artists Store (called "where's the cat?").
This evening I went to my first "literature" evening class I had signed up to a month ago. It was all going well until I raised my voice at someone (I could kick my self after) for saying that the Da Vinci Code was a masterpiece. I don't normally 'attack' people like that, I even scared my self. I think it must be all the past days tension building up and that poor man just happened to be there at the wrong time. I will try to be "nice" at next Tuesdays class, I will drink a whole bottle of Bach remedy before I go if I have to , lol.
Hope to get down to actual painting than just sketching tomorrow.
Fingers crossed.


oldhall said...

The 'poor man' was probably more startled that a disembodied, upside-down head was yelling at him, than the actual words.

But maybe there's something in the Da Vinci Code about just such a phenomenon, so he was expecting it.

Maya said...

Nope, I don't remember there being such a reference...
I think you got Dan Brown mixed up with Tim Burton.