14 November, 2005

Overload Monday!

I am sitting here with roughs for christmas cards on my lap (for the shop), waiting for the central heating guy to call to tell me what time he will be coming over this afternoon, (I can't believe I am going to have central heating at last this year!! Hooray!) , thinking about the chapter of my book I finished yesterday, and wondering when I will make time to finish the stuff for my portfolio, and make the christmas stuff for the artists shop as they are having an "event" on the 26th, something like a small exibition...
All these things going through my head, and I don't have a clue where to start as everything is equally important.
Plus I have been asked to make some bookplate samples for a bookshop (not a sure thing yet), who also are having a book exibition on the 26th and would like to have them for that day!
Plus, I have to make christmas fairies for the shop as well...about 15 of them..

I guess I could ask the central heating guy to give me a hand.... :)


PG said...

Christmas fairies! More lovely things! Want to see!

G :)

Maya said...

I will post a pic of them when I have finished them...:)