10 November, 2005

Not getting any easier

This year hasn't really been the best of my life. Many things have gone wrong, many times it has looked like it would never get better. I am always optimistic though, and say that everything, even the bad things have something good to deliver...in everything there is a lesson.
Today my purse got stolen in a shop. I had all my money in it, my credit cards...everything.
No, this hasn't been the worst thing that has happened this year. That would have to be my fathers sudden illness, and the long days and nights at the hospital. He is doing well now, and I am very thankful for that.
It is though, days like this that I wonder if I am on the right path in my life. I have no real financial security, I live day by day, believing that tomorrow things will be better and that I wouldn't have to worry all the time, like I do know. It is days like this that my faith dissolves a little bit, not because of this isolated event, but because I just seem to see things getting worse day by day, and not better.
I know it is difficult for everyone, and I know I am lucky in somethings in my life. My fathers health for one, but I really could do with a positive push from the universe, right about now. Not even a push, I would be happy with a nudge...
...end of grumpy session...will put my smile on now...


PG said...

Hi Maya, that's really terrible...Andy and I are both sending you warm thoughts. My advice would be - don't make any major life changing decisions when you're in the middle of a bad patch. You are an unusual and good artist, and that's not something to be thrown away lightly. When you've come through this, which you will, I know, because I have had many times like this - you will be stronger. Eventually - things get better. They do. If there's any advantage to being a wrinkly, it's knowing things like that.


Gretel :)

Maya said...

Thank you Gretel, for your kind words :)
I woke up today, angry, but in a good way. Even if the universe has other designs and is preparing me for a life time of falling down, I am not going to give up. Not yet anyway...the universe can go and take a running jump! I am going to do this...I am going to give it all that I have, again and again, and then again , till I make it work!

thank you for being there!!
love and many hugs
Maya :)

Gail said...

Here's sending you loads of positivity Maya.

You have a talent that is something to treasure.

Hang in there - I know it sounds corny - but "every cloud has a silver lining!"

fp said...

hey hun,
have a nudge and a hug

lorna said...

Maya- It is so awful. Thank goodness they didn't steal your wonderful creative mind, and artistic heart, and painterly fingers- and thank goodness that the REALLY REALLY important things can't be stolen or snatched by anyone.

It is horrible when the actions of others impact negatively on our lives, especially when you are working so hard at creating beautiful images to share with others and to make others happy.

I hope that you sort the mess up (canceling cards etc.) quickly so that you can put it behind you and utilise your new resolve on being even more creative. They're the ones that have to live with the guilt of taking from another person, you just have to live without some of your hard earned money.

Big hugs and lots of love
Lorna (and Steve sends a hug too)

Maya said...

Thank you gail, lorna and fp :)
Your posts have given me lots too smile about!! Maybe getting my purse stolen was a good thing in the end, it certainly has increased my work adrenaline!

Lots of love and hugs