26 November, 2005

bye-bye ooomph, bye-bye happiness

Fairies done and sent to shop. Bookplates, done, printed, packaged and off for tomorrows book exhibition. Everyone seems happy with the work, so I am happy as well. I am actually happier that I can get back to my painting at last, I miss it. I did manage to make another christmas card this afternoon (a quicky) after I came back from delivering the bookplates but...again, it looks pretty and all but....it lacks that certain ooomph! I have lost my ooomphiness (if I had ever such a thing).
I think I need to relax a bit, as the past days were quite hectic...maybe a day trip to the mountains on Sunday? Maybe my ooomphiness has run for the hills...and I might just find it there.

Damn! this has to be the weirdest post ever!


PG said...

I find I HAVE to take a day off if I've been belting it out for a project. You can relax properly knowing you've done a good lot of work and come back ready to get stuck in again. A trip to the mountains sounds wonderful, we will expect pictures you know, so it won't all be fun!


Maya said...

I know what you mean...I tried again to work today. It was like I was going blind...the simplest compostions and still I couldn't make them seem right. :(

Tomorrow no work!! I won't be able to go to the Mountains, but at least I will spend the day with my mum, which is always a treat, as I don't get to see her very often. :)