29 November, 2005

back to the drawing board - part two

Sunday was a day for rest.
Monday however was a day to go bezerk...it is 3:30 am and I have just now finished. Am tired, but happy that at last I have finished the christmas card (although there is always the possibility that tomorrow I might wake up and look at the thing and not like it) .
For now I am happy with it!
The illo on the left was the previous one and has lack of oomph written aaalll over it, but I might use it for something, so I am not totally throwing the thing away.
For the new card, I kept some elements that I liked about this one but approached it in a lot more playful manor.
God, I really do hope I still like it in the morning... :?
If not...it will be back to the drawing board....my favourite place in the world!!!


tlc illustration said...

Don't you love it when you are on a roll? Playful if good!!

I think I am confused though - your entry sounds like you have 2 illustrations posted? (I only see one).

Maya said...

Hi tlc :)

It does? Maybe because I am talking about two cards...but I have only posted the one I was not pleased with. Sorry if I confused you!

lorna said...

Maya- I can't wait to see the one you ARE pleased with because the one you aren't pleased with is FANTASTIC!

I'll be sitting by the letterbox. hehe

Maya said...

oh Lorna, now I am confused again! :0
Have I made the right decision choosing the other one?
oh well...it is too late now...I have printed them and made quite a lot...so..
I hope you like the othe one as well

PG said...

That is very brave of you to post the one you aren't pleased with...tho' I like it!

3.30 am!!! I do worry about your sleep patterns...


Maya said...
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Maya said...

that was me above...again..tsk

I do work strange hours I guess Pg...I can't seem to stop myself when I really HAVE to paint!!

fp said...

absolutely stunning :D

Maya said...

Thank you fp!!:)
I would love to see some of your work!!!!

lorna said...

I love this one but the one you actually made into cards is even more delightful!

Maya said...

Thank you Lorna! I am really really happy you liked it :)