28 July, 2006

Not Dead...

The blog I mean! :)
Its just that I have been up to doing a lot of things lately, and things that I still need to sort out, so I am letting it rest for a while.
I'll probably blog it to death in September! And thats suppose to be a promise and not a threat. ;)


Watching and listening the news compulsively. I went through a stage where I couldn't focus on work, as I was getting so upset about the war. But I had to pull myself together... and focused my energy on praying and sending good thoughts to all that are living the nightmare...

Got a wonderful package from a friend, which included beautiful illustrations and a birdfeeder. (Thank you!!!! :) )

Reading: Yes been doing a hell of a lot of that and not all it is for research. Discovering a lot of amazing things that make me smile.
I keep the "history of reading" for when the day is over, and I have gone to bed. It's my treat for the day...

Painting: yes! But not feeling too confident in showing what I am up to yet.
Probably in September.

Just had commision for some jewelry and maybe a painting too.

Awaiting: August trip. Doing some research for that as well....I like to know a little (or a lot!) about the place, so I can snoop around more confidently...lol

Oh...and my Daniel Smith paints arrived! They are different to the usual ones I am use to. I think their binder is more "sticky" (for lack of a better word)...Almost honey like... But I am getting the hang of them...
My favourite I think is Verditer blue, which is a delicate powder blue colour (its a mixture of titanium white, cobalt blue and cerulean).

And just remembered:
Going: to the dentist tomorrow...grrr...But I won't think about that now...it will probably give me nightmares...

Better get back to Alberto Manguel, and the chapter with the tiniest book on earth in it...lol


Maya the geek!



tlc illustration said...

Hi Maya! Good to 'see' you! Have missed your posts - and your artwork! Come back soon.

lorna said...

hello Maya, yes yes, come back soon. I can't wait to see more of your work up here. It is always a highlight for me. :o)

natural attrill said...

Hello Maya, thought I would come and say hello, have seen you in a couple of groups and found your blog on Gretels. You say you have a jewellery commission, whats it like? I have just started helping my son with his jewellery and its good fun designing and making it, a change from illustration work!

PG said...

Oy, missy, you can't just breeze in and tell us about interesting parcels and lovely sounding blue paint without pictures...your public need them! :)

Maya said...

Hello Lorna, Tlc, Penny and Gretel...First I'd like to say a BIG thank you to everyone for visiting despite the fact that nothing has really been happening on my blog for a while now (insert blushing emoticon here)

Penny, nice to see you here :)
The jewelry commision isn't anything special really...its a set of pendants made from pebbles, silver charms and a little decoupage... Not very professional- like I'm afraid!;(

Gretel...oh dear,your right ofcourse... I did try and get away with posting no pics (slaps wrists)... ;)
I will do something about that soon...

hugs and xxxxxx's
A blushing Maya!!

natural attrill said...

Hi Maya, the jewellery sounds interesting, will you post a pic for us to see? We have been making jewellery with stones too, Toby wrapped one with wire, apart from doing that, we are finding it really difficult technically, to find a way to attatch things that cannot be drilled, any ideas? Decoupage sounds interesting, are they in little frames?

Gail said...

Hi Maya - nice to read something new from you and glad you're busy - September is so far away ... we'll miss your posts and piccies!
hugs back to you - Gail X

Maya said...

Penny, super glue is great for glueing things to pebbles! And it hardly shows at all if you varnish it afterwards...I WILL post a pic soon of my efforts...

Gail, thanks sweety! Nice to see you here :)


natural attrill said...

Hi Maya, we have tried super glue and various other brands of glue inc epoxy resin. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, or somtimes we think it has then a week or so later we test, pulling really hard, and it comes apart. As we are selling the jewellery we need to make sure it is really tough. Think it depends on the surfaces, how smooth/clean they are as well.
Please do post a pic of yours, we are looking forward to seeing it!