11 July, 2006

Its a love thing

I fall in love mostly with three types of things:
...and Books!
(maybe when I a become an adult, I will add humans to the list)

I fell in love this afternoon with this one:
A History of Reading by Alberto Manguel
The tell tale sign was me checking how many pages the book was, after reading just ten pages of it, and then feeling depressed it only has 377 pages...I don't want it to ever end!

I am no expert book reviewer so I am hesitant to try to describe it...
I'll just say this for now: If you are a lover of books you will read this book like reading a diary of a soulmate. He writes passionately about the book as a truly sensual and living object and describes the art of reading through the centuries beautifully and with hair raising detail...

I will be writing more about this book when I have finished reading it... I really need to get back to it now!!



tlc illustration said...

Mmmmmm! Biblioholic that I am, I will greatly look forward to your review at the end (will have to take a hiatus from reading at the moment until 'big project' is over..) Sounds fabulous though.

muddy red shoes said...

Ah I cry at the end of books sometimes, feels like the loss of a friend.

Maya said...

Im trying to read the book veeeeery slowly...lol :)
bUt that is turning out to be hard to do ;)