07 July, 2006

Back to the beginning

I feel I have been running in circles for the past months...
And now I am back at the beginning again.
But am I?
I've changed quite a bit, in a small amount of time...
I can only describe it as been being hit by a truck and then slowly regaining conciousness...and then reassessing everything in your life...every small, seemingly meaningless little thing...and putting the puzzle together again, fingers crossed you are doing it right this time.

I am looking forward to some peaceful time ahead of me...

I know what I want to do it...now its just a matter of doing it!

Will be posting work soon!



tlc illustration said...

I'm glad you are feeling 'more back together'. I've missed your posts.

Maya said...

It feels good to be "back together"
Tlc :)
Thank you for being such a sweety!

I've been doing a little shopping therapy the past few days...hmm..
I think I'll make a post about that...shopping always cheers me up...lol


fp said...

so good to see you back hun.