29 May, 2006

One thing at a time

Well that was the idea anyway...
....feeling rather overwhelmed these past days. A long list of things to be done and my two hands aren't fast enough to do everything...I'll be moving on Sunday, back to the apartment and have to pack all my stuff and prepare my old studio, which at the moment looks like it has been bombarded, so I really need to sort it out so hopefully I can get back to work the soonest I move in.
I have lots of research to do for the book, want to do a few more card ideas, plus I really want to do something nice for the travelling sketchbook (I shall talk about that in detail in another entry), plus got phone call from client today wanting work done by Wednesday, (ha!)...I have to update my website too, something I've been putting off for ages...And I have to do some handmade cards for shop....
And i have my ssof assignment, which is half finished, and was supposed to go out in May...

Not to mention all the personal stuff thats going on, which could give me my first ever migraine!

Feeling better now!...lol


fp said...

Big Hugs Maya XXX

Maya said...

Thanks Fp :)

Alexandros said...

Θα τα καταφέρεις όλα είμαι σίγουρος! :-)

Chris.P said...

You always manage somehow Maya. But I'll send you some positive energy anyway.


Maya said...

Thanks Chris...I could use some ;0)

Αλέξανδρε, να'σαι καλά!Το ελπίζω!


CAS said...

Sending you lots of anti-migraine energies, Maya!

CAS xxx

Gordon Fraser said...

Keep smiling chuck!!

Maya said...

Thank you guys!!!
me loves you lots!!