03 April, 2006

Spring has arrived (officially)

It's really hot outside and the sunlight is blinding. All the flowers are in bloom and the aroma of them as you walk through the Old Town with its hidden private gardens is intoxicating.

Im tempted to just leave all the work I have to do behind and spend the day wondering the narrow streets and taking photos...but alas, I don't have time to do that right now.

I've got a lot of painting to do!
After spending most of my weekend doing research on publishers and writing emails I need to work on some new ideas I have that need to be put on paper.
I know I haven't posted any work recently, but hopefully if I like the results I shall post some work here this week.

In other news, Fiddel is ill (Fiddel is the name of one of my birds), and I spent a good halfhour trying to give him is medicine...That bird can really BITE!! lol...I tried explaining to him why he had to sit still for me to apply the medicine and that it was for his own good....etc...but he just didn't seem to appreciate my effort...I wonder why ;)

anything else I forgot to mention?
uhm...Oh, yes, I decided to take part in a competition for a design for a coin that was announced by the Central Bank.
I posted the work some days ago and the results are due late April or early May. I don't think I have any chance of winning(as I have never done this sort of illustration before, and there are loads of entries by a lot of artists) but just the thought of my work engraved on actual money gets me a little excited! hehe!

must get back to work now...



CAS said...

Pets never seem to understand when something's being done for their own good.

I trimmed Filkins' nails yesterday - and what a palaver. This time, I surrounded him with crepe bandage so that his limbs would stay still. He didn't like it at all, but if I don't do it he gets caught up in things and risks injury!

Cathy xxx

Maya said...

Hi Cas :)
I know what you mean...Fiddel has got a minor "growth" on his beak and the vet told me I should put the medicine he gave me on it so it would slowely dissappear...the thing is once he sees my finger approaching he bites it like mad...and man can he bite!!

tlc illustration said...

Hi Maya,

It sounds beautiful where you are. My son should actually be arriving in Athens today or tomorrow. I'm glad it's warm for him!

It's beautiful (although cooler here) outside which I'm finding very distracting! I seem to be able to teach and paint or teach and garden - not all three. And it's killing me to not be outside right now! Good for you for working!