23 February, 2006

another weird wednesday

It was a weird day today....wasn't feeling quite well this morning....a bit dizzy and tired. I think I am overdoing the work hours a bit. When I get started I go on for hours sometimes until 2 or 3 (and even 6am)....and then I feel all tired and unable to to do anything creative the next day.
Must try and get into a routine...hopefully that will happen one day.

I had to take a nap in the afternoon to get my mind working again....did a little work and then had some friends over for dinner (well actually take out..).
Socialising....I feel I have forgotten what fun it can be, especially with people that you really can connect too. I really lose myself in work, what with the writing and the painting, don't seem to find time to do anything else. God I am such a hermit it scares me sometimes. Must get out more...must!!
Tomorrow morning I agreed with one of my friends to go do a little spring clothes shopping. Out with the black and in with the florals... and maybe if I have time go to a really cool place where they sell semiprecious stones and buy some to make some jewellry on the weekend...a little creative two day vacation from the norm.

The Carnival is near... already in Limasso they have decorated the streets with huge "mardi gras like " masks and other colourful things. Last year (or was it the year before?)I remember going to a friends party that was themed "worse dress sense ever"....It was hilarious...wonder what I will do this year? Will (must)drag myself out of the house like I do every year....not very enthusiastic about going in the beginning, but I always end up having lots of fun!

Anyway, must get to bed....


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