27 February, 2006

Another loooong day

I have been working all day on two paintings...well nearly all day. ...just taking a mini break right now.
This is one of the paintings I worked on this morning....now I am scanning the second one and doing a little surgery to it in photoshop....
I feel knackered. With everything that is going on, I just wish there was a "mothership" that could beam me up, whisk me away to some serene place and leave me there for the next decade (with my palette, brushes and paper of course)....Where are aliens when you need them??!
Anyway... hope to have the booklet all finished by tomorrow morning to send out.
Must get back to work for that to happen...


tlc illustration said...

You are doing some really beautiful work Maya. They are lyrical and evocative. I hope your finished booklets make you justifiably happy. (I'd love to see what you end up with)

Chris.P said...

You are doing some of your best work at the moment Maya.

...Are you sure Alien's are the answer to your problems? Wouldn't you be better off being carried away by someone on a white horse or if you're desperate...a donkey?


Gail said...

Maya, this is beautiful - she looks soooo sad tho'!
It would be great to see these booklets you are so busily working on ... they sound amazing.
I truly think you're a hidden talent, I can image your work in so many places! ;)
Love & good thought to you
-Gail x

Bearuh said...

I love the flowers.. She does look sort of sad.. flowers and sadness!