19 January, 2006

when things don't work out how you thought they would

...not one book or the other at the moment is going ahead as planned...like I am trying to swim and all I can do is splash about trying not to drown.
So I decided to put things into perspective if I am ever going to finish any of these projects before the frustration just takes over and months pass by and I haven't accomplished anything.
So after some thought I decided to devote the next three days on getting back on track with the novel and finish the chapter that I am working on (at last) so I can hopefully move on to the other ideas I have and then devote the next three days on the illustrated book....just to get things moving again. You can definetely get lost trying to do two things at once like you are squashed in the middle of them and can't move. ...anyway...
Now must get back to work...I do hope things get moving soon...must be optimistic...
I wish it would rain....just a little...everything seems a lot easier when it rains...(no logical explanation to that, it just does!)



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tlc illustration said...

Sounds like you need to come for a visit! Can't get away from the rain here!