03 January, 2006

My Journals

For the past two days I have been mostly working on my moon book. I was stuck when I had left it to rest a while ago, so I had to sort out the chapter I was working on. The dictionary I have weighs at least 20 kilos and carrying it around has been hell on my back. lol.

While writing today I thought of all the journals I have kept. I could fill a whole bookshelf. When cleaning my cupboards I came across a 1996 one...the feeling reading it was surreal. How could I have thought like that, I wondered. Silly girl.

My friends who know my love for journals sometimes surprise me with new ones as gifts. All of the pictured journals have been gifts. I hope to fill them with wonderful adventures this year.


tlc illustration said...

You know that your photos are all so artistic - they could be taken out of home decorating magazines... (the journals are beautiful too!) :-)

Gail said...

There's something intimidating about a new sketch book or journal - don't you think? I'm always so hesitant to make the first mark ... ;)
Hope this is a good year Maya ....

lorna said...

ooo, maya- journals, how wonderful. I bought a cool book that looked at lots of people's journals, it's called 'Drawing from life: the journal as art' by Jennifer New. I just love having a peak into other people's journals and sketchbooks- thanks for showing us yours. :o) They are beautiful on the outside and I'm sure they are even more beautiful on the inside with all your words and pictures.

Maya said...

Thanks girls...just when I was feeling a bit depressed you come along to brighten the day! :)
(night...but you know what I mean).

I think I will go and have a little journal to Maya talk...might do me good before I go to sleep :)