21 January, 2006

killing some time while waiting for auction on brushes to end...

Yes, this is what I do on a Friday night....bid on brushes on ebay....
How very exciting, I know!

Well...hmm...was thinking about where I want to go for this years holiday. I must start saving money as I really need to go somewhere to refill my batteries. I don't think I'll have the cash to go to Paris and London (see the house I grew up in and visit my illustrator friends there) unfortunately. But I may have enough to go to a greek island and visit my friend in Athens (who is studying to be an actress) and stay with her for a while. She sent me an email this afternoon saying: "I am giving everything up and going to run a kiosk in Nepal"...I sent her an email back, asking if I could join her...lol.

Sometimes I imagine my family never left the uk, and how my life would have turned out if they hadn't. I was nearly ten (I think) when we left...I can remember my house and school, splashing about in my yellow wellies in the snow, my mum using window cleaner to draw happy faces on the windows, my brothers bringing girlfriends home when my parents were at work and bribing me not to say a word, eating a lot of hotdogs at the saturday market, hating school lunches and trying to draw as good a pictures as my brother (who then wanted to be architect, but never did be one). I liked the rain a lot....I still do. It would be nice to go back for a visit, I haven't been back for 20 years...I wonder if my house and school are still there?

well...i really should check on those brushes, and go to sleep.



tlc illustration said...

Where have you been in all the intervening years? Where you are now?

My high school son is going on a go-to-Europe school trip over spring break - to Rome, Florence and Athens. He had a teacher from Greece for two years when he was younger - she taught them the equivilant of 2 years of Greek language, as well as lots of culture, food, etc... so he's really looking forward to going.

Maya said...

Hi Tlc :)
I know your son will have a wonderful time...haven't been to Florence or Rome yet, but friends of mine who have say it is really really beautiful!
Your son can speak greek!! that is great!! I couldn't speak a word when I came here (I'm in Cyprus)...found it very hard to learn it...I couldn't say the greek "R" ...got teased a lot at school for that...lol

Now I live in Cyprus, and have for the past 20 years. I do love it here....lots of light...something I took for granted until I began to travel...I remember going to Singapore and the first thing I noticed on the Bus to the hotel was that everything, the trees the buildings, had a Blue shade to it (I am guessing due to the humidity)..
I am going on a bit aren't I?...sorry..lol

Gail said...

So, did you get the brushes? ;)