22 November, 2005

fairies, fairies...and more fairies

I have been doing a whole LOT of fairies for the store today...The shop assistant called and told me there was only one left, and they had just took the first batch in yesterday...well atleast they seem to be selling well. :)
I will post a picture of them soon, once I find time to take some good pics.
I didn't have much time to focus on my illustration today. I did a christmas card yesterday, and am not happy with it...grrr...it look ok-ish, but just not what I had in mind. I might use it though as a bookplate as it would suit that much better, and do another christmas card.
The illustration on the left is a tiny painting I did this evening, just because my hands get itchy if I don't paint for the day.


PG said...

Want fairies!!!

I really like what you're doing with the perspective here, actually I like it - full stop.

Maya said...

Hello PG! :)
I'll try and post a pic of them tonight, as I am still in the glueing process (super glue on fingers is really irritating...grr)
I liked the little illo too (which is very uncommon as usually I don't like anything I do in the end) and will make a larger more carefull version of it for my portfolio I think.

lorna said...

It's great! Fabulous colours and I love the tree blossom. :o)

tlc illustration said...

Maya - beautiful blog. You have posted such lovely pieces. It is a delight to look at. Hey - artist blogs are a cool thing! I gotta thank PG for linking to you all. :-)

Maya said...

Thank you Lorna,
and thank you tlc :)
that is very kind of you to say so!
It is great meeting new illustrators, that is why I am addicted to the internet! I will go visit your blog now, I like the name you gave it!

tlc illustration said...

Thanks for visiting Maya. Do you mind if I put a link for your blog on my own?

(Love the fairies too, btw)

Maya said...

I would be honored ;)

I would like to add you too if that is ok with you :)

tlc illustration said...

Absolutely. :-)