24 October, 2005

procrastination 2am

Like I don't have anything better to do at 2 am than play around with my profile picture in photoshop....
I should be writing. Early hours are great for writing. Plus at this time of night I don't get guilt explosions that I am not illustrating....but nooo, I am siting here thinking I look so white in all my pics....no colour... a little dead maybe?...
No, I am not depressed, just feeling I am not living enough or working enough these past few days. Could be the flu I have, could be autumn blues, could be I haven't been getting out of the house much. Thats it: "Locked in studio" blues I suppose. Nothing a night out with friends won't cure!....mental note taken!
I should be finishing the chapter I am working on, but it still isn't clear in my head. If not that, I should be at lest working on the painting I have unfinished.
But I can't seem to get the colours right. Everything doesn't feel right.
Eveything is still.
Everything is waiting.
"Se anamoni ola."
"Os Pote?"

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